Selection Process and Criteria

To prepare you better, we've explained the selection process and criteria here so that you know what to expect.

Selection Process


  • Online applications will open from 14th Dec 2022 - 16th Jan 2023.
  • You can apply in teams of 2-4 members.
  • To make any changes to your application, reach out to


Once the submission period has closed, the applications are reviewed by a panel consisting of executives and leadership. These applications will be reviewed on the basis of internal screening criteria.


  • Selected candidates will receive emails from the Juniper team.
  • Details and timelines will be shared with the candidates via email.
  • Teams will be provided with a breakdown of expectations and deliverables. During this time period, a Juniper focal person and mentor will be assigned who will assist the team towards the final pitch day.
  • Selected teams will receive additional information such as the criteria their pitches will be evaluated on to set the expectations along with the schedule for the event and what to expect.
  • The preparation time period is 1 month.

Final Pitch

  • At the end of the preparation time period, teams will in-person present their pitch in front of a judges panel during the 3 days event.
  • The three-day event will consist of workshops, training, and mentorship sessions to prepare teams for the final presentation.

Selection Criteria

1.  Founder’s Conviction (leadership qualities)

We want to know how firmly you believe in the importance of your idea and why you think you are the right person to build it.

2.  Problem Identification, validation, identification (technical assessment)

Successful applicants demonstrate a deep understanding of the problem they wish to solve. We also want to know how this problem was identified and the scope of its impact.

  • Have you asked people if they need this problem solved?
  • Does the need for your solution exist?
  • Do you know who is using your solution? What are they like?
  • Why will they pay to solve the identified problem?

3.  Impact/execution (business outlook)

  • How will your solution improve or delight the everyday life of the intended user?
  • Successful applicants have at least a rough idea of what they need to bring their idea to life. Do you know what you need from investors and the market to help you succeed?