Why Us?

Together, we create value.

Why Juniper is different

Juniper is backed by the resources and talent that Arbisoft has to offer. This allows us to offer incubatees personalized support during their incubation lifecycle in the form of mentorship, expertise, and insight that can only be delivered by one of the biggest tech companies in Pakistan.

Your idea, our resources

Backed with resources from an industry-leading organization, we provide startups with a wide range of services and investments to help them grow.

  • A working space

    A working space

    Providing access to professional and dynamic meeting rooms, and working space with uninterrupted high-speed WiFi, IT amenities (printers, scanners and more!), and parking space. Tea and lunch is on the house!

  • Seed funding

    Seed funding

    Seed funding in the form of $50,000 post-money SAFE. Part of this investment is taken as the cost of the program while the other can be utilized by the startup as needed.

  • Knowledgebase access

    Knowledgebase access

    Unlike many incubators, Juniper provides Arbisoft’s talented and experienced technical individuals to join your product development team. We have a pool of talented developers at Arbisoft that will work hands-on to develop your product and can assist you during office hours and provide technical support.

  • Networking, mentoring and feedback

    Networking, mentoring and feedback

    With Juniper you have the opportunity to be a part of an on-demand network of industry experts, entrepreneurs and mentors. Several mentors across the country will be introduced and matched with startups to facilitate an exchange of ideas. In addition, our team is available for consultation and conducts relevant training and workshops.

  • Arbisoft’s talent

    Arbisoft’s talent

    Arbisoft has a strong command over various technology stacks and industries which can be utilized by startups to guide them in the right direction of their product development journey.

  • Administrative/Operational Services

    Administrative/Operational Services

    As part of the working space, related administrative and operational support will be provided to startups to maintain a smooth working environment to enhance productivity and output.

award winning

Award winning workspace

Arbisoft received the award for “Best Place to Work 2021-Large Scale Company” following the findings of a robust employee survey and a thorough assessment of policies and practices by Engage Consulting, PSHRM (pioneers in studying and recognizing the best companies to work for in Pakistan) & Paul Keijzer.